Yearbook Productions

GRADES: 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite: Successful completion of any two of the following preferred: Digital Photography, Advanced Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Advanced Graphic Design and application process with teacher approval.
Length: One year/one credit (may be repeated for credit).

Course Description

In this course students use Adobe’s Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator) to create the school’s yearbook “Acorn”. Students develop and further their skills in graphic design, photography, story writing, interviewing, marketing, project-management, team-work and leadership. Students will learn good work habits and are responsible for all phases of the publication of the yearbook.

Qualifies for Fine Arts and Career & Tech credit.
Qualifies for English elective credit – if needed.


Performance will be assessed in three basic categories:

  1. Reporting on School Events: Report on (as in: photograph, talk to people, write about) two school events (Sports or selected Drama/Choir/Band Performances) per quarter. –> Find Evaluation Worksheet here. (to follow)
  2. Page Content & Layout: Completion & Quality of assigned pages and other tasks (some of which will have to be done outside of class time) within set deadlines –> Find Evaluation Worksheet here.
  3. Professionalism: 10 possible points per day
    • Be prepared and in class every day (if not -10 pts)
    • Don’t come late and don’t leave early (if not -5 pts)
    • ALWAYS be on task (if not -10 pts)
      • Working on class work
      • Good attitude, Engaged and Self-motivated
      • Devices put away
    • Work Habit points can be made up by coming in the classroom to work before or after school.

Course Resources

Required Material

  • OHHS Google Account
  • Sno-Isle Library Card
  • Folder to organize your work

Course Calendar

Course Overview

Unit 1 – Course Introduction

Unit 2 – Yearbook Production Basics

Unit 3 – Creating the Yearbook

Unit 4 – Theme for next Year

Unit 5 – Distribution

Unit 6 – Closure