Advanced Photography

GRADES: 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Photography or Basics of Visual Communication
Length: One trimester/one-half credit (may be repeated for credit)

Course Description

Students in this course develop and further their skills in digital photography, project-management, team-work and leadership. Students use Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom to create various independent, group and community projects. Projects may include: Studio photography (portraits and products), photojournalism, event photography and/or photo collage.

Course qualifies for Fine Arts and Career & Tech credit.

Required Material

  • Chromebook or other type of computer
  • Headphones
  • Digital Camera – can be checked out from the school

Course Resources

  • Nikon Website
  • Digital Photography School Website
  • LinkedIn Learning Website
  • Adobe Website
  • other texts and websites applicable to the field

Course Calendar


A – Course Introduction

  1. Student Questionnaire
  2. Course Introduction
  3. Classroom Introduction
  4. Classroom Computers Refresher
  5. All About Me Update
  6. Create Printed Portfolio
  7. Basic Photography Refresher

B – Advanced Equipment Basics

  1. Advanced Digital Camera Basics
  2. Advanced Camera Lenses Basics
  3. Speedlight Basics
  4. Studio Lighting Basics
  5. Basic Lighting Setups
  6. Roland TrueVIS SG-540 Vinyl Printer/Cutter Basics
  7. Paper Cutter Basics
  8. Matting Basics (Print & Mat your two favorite Photos)

C – Adobe Photoshop Certification

  1. Introduction to GMetrix (should have been completed in Beginner Class already)
  2. Glossary (should have been started in Beginner Class already)
  3. Pre-Test (Testing Mode)
  4. Domain 1 (should have been completed in Beginner Class already)
  5. Domain 2 (should have been completed in Beginner Class already)
  6. Domain 3
  7. Domain 4
  8. Domain 5
  9. Post-Test (Testing Mode)
  10. Certification Test

D – School Events

Photograph at least five school events (less than 1 per 2 weeks of class) // Masters of Photography: Michael Willson // Sports Photography

  1. Event 1
  2. Event 2
  3. Event 3
  4. Event 4
  5. Event 5

E – Washington High School Photography Competition

Get one AMAZING (Subject, Composition, Exposure, Focus, Lighting) photo for each. Create a moodboard for each (include the previous year’s winners and articles/advice). Include your Process (at least 30 photos). Filenumber. Size. Editing (made photo better).

  1. Film Photography (not required!)
  2. Abstract
  3. Animal (Masters of Photography: J. B. Shepard // Pet Photography)
  4. Documentary/Street Photography
  5. Still Life
  6. Portrait (Masters of Photography: Annie Leibovitz // Portrait Photography)
  7. Architecture (Masters of Photography: Andreas Gursky)
  8. Manipulation
  9. Landscape
  10. People
  11. Print all 9 photos for the competition.

F – SkillsUSA Photography Competition

  1. Product Photography (Masters of Photography: Karl Taylor)
  2. Surreal Photo Collage
  3. Knowledge Test

G – End-of-Year Art Show

Prep the End-of-Trimester Art Show (Spreadsheet, Print, Frame, Tags)

H – Product Photography (3D Art)

Take photos of the 3D Art work (Product Photography)

I – Portfolio

  1. Finalize and bind the Printed Portfolio
  2. Create Online Portfolio (Portfolio Website)