Advanced Photography

GRADES: 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Photography
Length: One trimester/one-half credit (may be repeated for credit)

Course Description

Students in this course develop and further their skills in digital photography, project-management, team-work and leadership. Students use Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom to create various independent, group and community projects. Projects may include: Studio photography (portraits and products), photojournalism, event photography and/or photo collage.

Note: Course qualifies for Fine Arts and Career & Tech dual credit option. 

Note: This course is accredited with Skagit Valley College’s “Digital Photography” course (MIT 213). Completion of this course with a grade of “B” or better in each qualifies for credits from Skagit Valley College. Requires additional steps (see below).

Required Material

  • Chromebook (provided by the school)
  • iMac (provided by the school)
  • Headphones (provided by the school)
  • Nikon D750 (provided by the school)

Course Resources

  • Industry publications
  • Other texts and websites applicable to the field

Course Calendar


Unit A – Course Introduction

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Classroom Introduction
  3. Classroom Policy –> see Google Classroom
  4. Start-of-Class Survey –> see Google Classroom
  5. Classroom Computers
  6. Register in SERS for Dual Credit –> see Google Classroom

Unit B – Advanced Photography Basics

  1. Advanced Student Expectations
  2. Advanced Photography Keywords

Unit C – Advanced Photography Equipment

  1. Camera Expectations & Safety
  2. Camera Operation // Nikon D750
  3. Camera Body Parts // Nikon D750
  4. Introduction to Lenses
  5. Manual Exposure Basics
  6. Manual Exposure Scavenger Hunt
  7. Introduction to Artificial Lighting (Lighting Basics, Direction, Color, Light Ratios, …)
  8. Speedlight Basics
  9. Six Challenges
  10. Studio Lighting Basics
  11. Basic Lighting Setups
  12. Portrait Re-Creation

Unit D – Photojournalism

  1. Introduction to Photojournalism
  2. Classroom Photography
  3. Sports Photography (–> Masters of Photography: Michael Willson)
  4. Event Photography
  5. How to photograph School Events

Unit E – Portrait Photography

  1. Introduction to Portrait Photography
  2. Portrait with Available Light
  3. Shadow Portrait
  4. Box Portrait
  5. Fog Portrait
  6. Lightpainting Portrait
  7. Silly Principal Portrait
  8. Serious Principal Portrait

Unit F – Still Life Photography

  1. Introduction to Still Life Photography
  2. Product Photography
  3. Tiny People, Big Adventures
  4. Lay-Flat Photography
  5. White on White
  6. Artwork Photography

Unit G – Advanced Photo Editing

  1. Adobe Photoshop Refresher
  2. Conceptual Photo Collage
  3. Doodle Portrait
    Find more ideas on the page for Beginner Students.

Unit H – Art Show Setup

  1. Roland TrueVIS SG-540 Vinyl Printer/Cutter Basics
  2. Paper Cutter Basics
  3. Matting Basics
  4. Hanging Artwork Basics

Unit I – Landscape Photography

  1. Introduction to Architecture and Landscape Photography (–> Masters of Photography: Andreas Gursky)
  2. Architecture Photography
  3. Landscape Photography

Unit J – Black & White Photography

  1. Introduction to Black & White Photography
  2. Abstract Photography
  3. Black & White Portrait
  4. Black & White Landscape
  5. Black & White Photojournalism

Other Unit Ideas

Unit Z – Classroom Checkout

  1. Knowledge Test
  2. Portfolio Completion
  3. Equipment Return
  4. Computer Checkout
  5. Gallery Walk