Advanced Graphic Design

GRADES: 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Graphic Design or Basics of Visual Communication
Length: One trimester/one-half credit (may be repeated for credit)

Course Description

Students in this course will develop and further their skills in graphic design, project-management, team-work and leadership. Students use Adobe’s Creative Cloud (InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator) to create various independent, group and community projects. Projects may include: Poster design, sticker design, banner design, logo design, event branding and portfolio design.

Course qualifies for Fine Arts and Career & Tech Credit.

Required Material

  • Chromebook or other type of computer
  • Headphones
  • iPad (can be checked out from the school)

Course Resources

  • LinkedIn Learning Website
  • Adobe Website
  • other texts and websites applicable to the field

Course Calendar


  1. Course Introduction
  2. Classroom Introduction
  3. Classroom Computers
  4. All About Me –> Add Portfolio Creation after this next term
  5. First Projects
  6. Introduction to GMetrix
  7. Roland TrueVIS SG-540 Vinyl Printer/Cutter Basics
  8. Paper Cutter Basics
  9. Second Projects
  10. Masters of Design: David Carson
  11. Third Projects
  12. Masters of Design: Paula Scher
  13. Fourth Projects
  14. Masters of Design: Stefan Sagmeister
  15. Fifth Projects
  16. Portfolio

Other Ideas