Frau Jansen

Guten Morgen, liebe Schüler!

My name is Jana Junge Jansen and I am the instructor of the Graphic Arts Program at Oak Harbor High School, WA. I was born and raised in Germany which is why you will see some german things throughout my classroom. I occasionally speak a word or two in German as well – for example to start class: “Guten Morgen (good morning), liebe Schüler (dear students)!” “Guten Morgen, Frau Jansen (Mrs. Jansen)!”

I moved to Oak Harbor after marrying my husband in 2012. We met when I was an exchange student here at the high school in 2002/03. I love Whidbey Island with all its beautiful nature, trees, beaches and the ocean. I have always loved the people who live here and enjoy this high school.

After I took the graphic design and photography courses as an exchange student, I went back to Germany and studied to become a graphic designer. I graduated from University of Wuppertal, Germany in 2011 with a Master’s Degree in Communications Design. I have worked for several national and international businesses before I started teaching here in 2014. I am very passionate about graphic design and photography.

Fun Facts: I have two young daughters (3 & 6), I enjoy baking & cooking, I love designing cards for people and events, my favorite color is purple, my favorite movie is “The Holiday,” my favorite hot drink is a “London Fog,” my favorite book author is Jojo Moyes (“Me Before You,” “The Last Letter from Your Lover”), my favorite show is “Gilmore Girls” and my favorite National Park is Yellowstone.

I believe everyone of you has great ideas and can create amazing work – even if you have never done anything like this before! To show what you can do, I expect that you try hard every day. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Mistakes are part of life and they help you learn. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from other students, the teacher or even people outside this class – it can only make your work better and might even inspire you or give you different ideas.

Click here to view my professional portfolio.