Unit 2 – Yearbook Production Basics

In this unit, students are going to learn what they need to know to create a yearbook. As an example, students will create a spread about a student in the class.

Grading: Every step needs to be done ON TIME. For everything done not on time, no more than 80% of points will be given. To check the deadlines for each activity (step), go to the overview page for this course and look them up in the calendar.

At the same time, students will need to collect content  for:

  • Fall Sports (photos and quotes)
  • Club Questionnaires, photos and quotes
  • and more


  1. Coverage
    • Liked/Loved/Leave out from 2020 
    • What are more ideas for next year?
    • Start the Ladder
    • Chronological coverage
    • Coverage in a covid world –> standard things, legals (Where can we get data from)
    • Where do we get photos?
  2. What is the purpose of a yearbook? What are our goals?
  3. Overview of all steps that go into creating a yearbook
    • planning
    • getting content
    • putting content together
    • sending finished pages to plant
    • plant prints pages
    • binds them
    • puts the cover around it
    • sends it to us to distribute
    • Plant tour video
  4. Theme Development
    • Brainstorm
    • Magazine design – what we like,  gathering ideas, what is trending
    • Introduction to Grid design/modules (introduction to the concept, we will build them later) 
    • School Profile
    • Fonts
    • colors
    • graphicsVisual/verbal connection thru book
    • Folio
  5. Writing Basics
    • Interviewing
    • Alternative copy
  6. Photography Basics
    • What makes a photo “yearbook-worthy”?
    • Caption writing, and/or identification
    • Exposure
    • Using the Nikon D3500
    • Composition
    • Visual Storytelling
    • LPost-Processing (Lightroom Web or other software – in Encore??)
  7. Design Basics
    • How to create a spread
    • Using grid and design modules
  8. Tech training
    • How does Encore work?
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVZBRW8ZgCw&t=3s
    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8LPhW-6AC6SCh8GQhe-cWw/playlists
    • Design mods
  9. Finalize Theme
    • Theme presentation to Rep
    • Meet with Guru to show theme and elevate design
    • Cover design meeting