Unit 1 – Introductions

In this unit, students get to know each other’s fist name, we get to know each other as a team and learn about each other’s personalities. Students are introduced to expectations and procedures regarding the course and classroom. This includes, but is not limited to …

  • Course Overview
  • Remind students of Classroom Expectations
  • Grading & Deadlines
  • Safety issues
  • What is the Yearbook Cub and what does it have to do with YOU?
  • What is the purpose of a yearbook?
  • Overview of all steps that go into creating a yearbook (planning, getting content, putting content together, sending finished pages to plant, plant prints pages, binds them, puts the cover around it, sends it to us to distribute).
  • Communication
    • Sign up for Remind
    • Create a Wunderlist Account
    • Course Resources on Website


  1. Get to know each other
  2. Get to know the course
  3. Get to know the classroom

Find the Evaluation Worksheet here.