Unit E – Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

In this unit, students will be introduced to the basics of Adobe Illustrator.

Learning Goals

  • Student creates a new document with appropriate settings.
  • Student navigates, organizes and customizes the application workspace.
  • Student uses layers to manage design elements.
  • Student imports assets into a project.
  • Student manages color swatches and gradients.
  • Student uses core tools and features to create visual elements. (create and modify vector images, pathfinder tool)
  • Student adds and manipulates text using appropriate typographic settings. (add text, convert text to graphics)
  • Student transforms graphics and media. (artboards and individual layers/objects)
  • Student exports files with specific filenames.
  • Student exports or saves digital images to various file formats.


  1. Adobe Illustrator Basics
  2. Kaleidotype
  3. Low Poly
  4. Pictogram
  5. Typogram