Monday, March 9 to Tuesday, March 17

URL of this website:


  • Thank you for helping out Mrs. Mortimore as much as you can – how the classroom runs, technology & software issues, what to find where, etc.
  • Same Classroom Expectations apply:
    • Be on time, on task and prepared to learn every day! Keep phones away if they distract you from doing work (not texting)!
    • Always be respectful!
    • Always treat equipment respectfully and appropriately!
    • Keep food & drinks out of this computer lab.
    • Always get permission before you leave the classroom.
  • See Course Website for details about assignments for the rest of the term. Evaluations Worksheets are in the bins. Instructions are online.
  • When done, you can work on assignments for Extra Credit. How?
    • Come up with an idea. Adobe has some great project tutorials, but you can also find things on YouTube or Pinterest or other places. Graphic Design students, remember that you can work on the Bathroom Door Decals too – make sure you package those to the Shared Course Drive so Mrs. Jansen can use your file when it’s time to print those.
    • Do the work and show Mrs. Mortimore what you did and how long you worked on it. Points are assigned based on effort. There are no Eval Sheets.
  • You can only work on Extra Credit assignments if you completed the Regular Credit assignment for your course.
  • Reminder: No work from before 3/6 will be accepted (exception is Period 5).
  • Cameras can be checked out until Friday 3/13.
  • All equipment (Memory Cards, Cameras, etc.) has to be returned by Tuesday 3/17 – if not returned by then, a fine will be placed on the students’ ASB accounts to pay through Skyward.
  • Students can continue to work on their Portfolio Website, but it will not be re-graded.
  • Students are required to be in their assigned seat – attendance is taken by seating chart.


Graphic Design Beginning Students

  • Low Poly
  • Bathroom Door Decals (for Extra Credit)
  • Other Extra Credit Activities

Graphic Design Advanced Students

  • Warhol Portrait
  • Bathroom Door Decals (for Extra Credit)
  • Other Extra Credit Activities

Photography Beginning & Advanced Students

  • Textures
  • Extra Credit Activities

Basics of Visual Communications

  • Finish all activities of Unit 3.
  • Warhol Portrait (for Extra Credit)

Yearbook Productions

Class is run by the editors Tessa Cone (Editor-in-chief), Olivia Waite (Design Editor) and Taylor Beaman (Photography Editor) who will be in close contact with Mrs. Jansen.

Ideas – for if “nobody has anything to do”:

  • Think ahead – what else will have to be done? Make plans! Start preparing stories and research ideas.
  • Create Advertising Plan for Yearbook Sales (design a poster, send to Mrs. Jansen for approval! – nothing can be printed if not approved by me)
  • Design Bathroom Door Decals
  • Come up with Bonding Activities and do them
  • Start working on the Staff Yearbook. Each student will create their own spread. Look at the folders from previous years (and ask Briana and Kaylie – they’ve done this before).