When Mrs. Jansen is away …

… always be respectful to the substitute teacher!

  • Listen.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Be on task.
  • Have personal items put away – including devices and headphones.


for 11/1


  • Check Wunderlist.
  • BE ON TASK at all times!

Basics of Visual Communications

Current assignment: Activity 4 – InDesign

  • Work on the activities. The goal is to finish all activities of Unit 3 by the end of Friday’s class.
  • Help each other! And remember that there are some notes in the Activity Guide to help solve “common” issues.
    • 4th period: Kiara, Adelina, Robert, Kadin and Luke are far in their activities and can help others.
    • 5th period: Linkin, Melody, Charlie and Meriel can help others.
  • If you’re done with Activity 4, either make up missing work for this class or do the Extra Credit assignment.
  • Remember: Monday you switch back to Mr. Williams classroom for “Unit 4 – Filmmaking”. Have a great weekend! It was fun getting to know you while having you in class for a few weeks!