When Mrs. Jansen is away …

… always be respectful to the substitute teacher!

  • Listen.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Be on task.
  • Have personal items put away – including devices and headphones.


for 5/17

Digital Photography & Advanced Digital Photography

Challenge 7 – Ghosting // Project 7 – Ghosting

  • Students start a new challenge today – on their own.
  • Access the Activity Overview on my website: www.fraujansen.com –> Photography –> Challenges –> Ghosting
  • Students read the instructions, come up with ideas and borrow cameras to start taking photos in class.
  • Students WILL need to use tripods for this activity.
  • Mrs. Jansen’s advice: It will be easier to take these photos in a darker area.
  • Students are encouraged to check out cameras and tripods over the weekend to work on their projects.
  • Students need to ask for permission and obtain a lanyard pass if they want to leave the classroom for the projects.
  • Brenna, Alex or Alyssa need to pick up prints at the end of the school day, please.

Graphic Design

Challenge 4 – #OUR REASON WHY

  • Students started a new project on Thursday.
  • Students create their ideas, make thumbnail sketches and then start their digital layouts.
  • Students may not text students in other classes to find out their reasons for doing a certain activity – even if it’s for this project.
  • Students can take a lanyard pass to take photos of each other outside of the classroom if necessary.
  • The following students need to tell Ms. Arfele WHO and WHAT they are going to be portraying:
    • P2: Miles Mumper
    • P2: Cameron Cecka
    • P5: Kira Carman
    • P5: Ashley Dodson
    • P5: Logan Fowler
    • P5: Ariana Montoya
    • P5: Kelsey Sheppard

Advanced Graphic Design

Project 7 – Science Poster

  • Work on the projects. Turn them in today.
  • When done, please work on your Greeting Cards.
  • Ainsley, please pick up prints and the mail.
  • Then work on the Scoreboard post.
  • When done, check Wunderlist for more things to do!


Unit 4 – Staff Yearbook