Unit 6 – Challenges

In this unit, students will  …

  • strengthen their understanding and skills of the three Adobe Creative Suite applications InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • use the skills they learned in the previous units to show what they learned.
  • get their creative juices flowing.


  • Follow these steps.
  • For each challenge, get an Evaluation Sheet from the worksheet bin and fill it out as you go.
  • Unless otherwise noted in the Activity Guide, use the software you deem best for each challenge.


  1. Science Poster
  2. CADA Poster
    –> If you don’t want to work in this project, create another Science Poster
  3. Mini Me
  5. Logo Design
  6. Business Card

Extra Credit:

When you run out of things to do, find more ideas here: Independent Design Projects