Unit 2 – Design Basics

Learning Goals

In this unit, students will be introduced to the basics of typography, color and planning. Topics include:

  • Keywords of typography
  • Structuring a complex text
  • Identifying different types of fonts
  • Understanding how color works
  • Understanding the color wheel
  • Understanding different color schemes
  • Understanding basics principles and terminology of color theory
  • Understanding how different colors evoke different emotions
  • Understanding the two color systems
  • Making good color choices
  • learn what a creative brief is,
  • learn how to create thumbnail sketches and the importance of them for a project,
  • understand the importance of really planning out a project,
  • creating thumbnail sketches.


  1. Typography Essentials
  2. Typography History
  3. Identifying Fonts
  4. (SKIP) Text Formatting (SKIP)
  5. Look and Meaning
  6. Color Essentials
  7. Color Worksheet
  8. (SKIP) Color Scheme (SKIP)
  9. The Creative Process (formerly called Planning Essentials)
  10. Creative Brief
  11. Logo Ideas


Find the Evaluation Sheet here.